Bespoke Cassi Floor Lamp

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The “Cassi” floor lamp showcases etched rings, drawing inspiration from Saturn while blending timeless Art Deco tones and glass globes, reminiscent of the classic era.

Inspired by The Cassini Division, a striking gap within Saturn’s planetary rings, the floor lamp has two large hoops that mirror the celestial splendour.

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Cassi Floor Lamp

The Cassi floor lamp is part of a new design collection "85 by R&S" which is aptly named to celebrate 85 years of crafting exquisite decorative lighting. The range is inspired by The Cassini Division, a striking gap within Saturn's rings.

The floor lamp is similar in form to the planet with the glass orb centred as the planetary mass and the intricately etched hoops representing the rings. The floor lamp has two light sources with the globes diffusing the lumens for a soft glowing, ambient piece.

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