The Art of Balancing Aesthetics, Functionality, and Manufacturability.

R&S Robertson, a distinguished supplier of decorative lighting products catering to the contract hospitality market, is delighted to announce a momentous milestone – the launch of “85 by R&S.” This exceptional collection marks the culmination of 85 years of trading, and to celebrate this remarkable journey, the company embarked on a new and exciting design project in collaboration with product designers based in the UK.

The genesis of “85 by R&S” was a journey of discovery and innovation. The talented design team, in partnership with the UK-based designers, conducted extensive interviews with renowned interior designers. The conversations offered invaluable insights into the ever-evolving trends, favoured finishes, and lighting styles that are highly sought after in the world of hospitality design.

But the pursuit of excellence didn’t stop there. R&S Robertson’s commitment to quality and innovation led them on an illuminating journey to their manufacturing partners in Europe. This immersive factory tour provided a deep understanding of the intricate processes and possibilities available for crafting exquisite lighting products. This experience augmented the designers knowledge which became the cornerstone of the collection’s development.

Over the span of the last six months, the design team poured their creativity and expertise into conceptualizing and crafting “85 by R&S.” The result is a collection that brilliantly marries the timeless elegance of the Art Deco era with a contemporary twist. The pieces in this collection are adorned with captivating colour-washing, elegant matte finishes, intricate textures, masterful etched details, and the timeless charm of reeded glass.

“85 by R&S” is launched with an array of five remarkable lighting families, each inspired by the places, people, architecture, and design that defined the iconic Art Deco movement.






85 Collection