Founded in 1939, R&S Robertson has over 80 years experience supplying contract lighting to the hospitality sector. Operating since 2003 as part of a larger group of companies, R&S Robertson has the ability to work on projects of any size.
History of R&S Robertson

Project Support

Working on projects in the UK and internationally equips R&S Robertson with extensive experience consulting on projects. Understanding hotel lighting in a contract setting must be robust and designed to withstand a high level of usage. In addition, we also understand the various demands involved in projects. Furthermore, working with production facilities across the Continent, R&S Robertson is able to supply many different styles of  contract lighting. These range from traditional chandeliers to modern fittings.  In summary, we cater for all projects whether they are price-driven or design-led.


Designers have the choice of standard lighting which can be modified and produced in different finishes. Alternatively, we can work together to create entirely bespoke pieces. For over 14 years R&S Robertson’s primary manufacturing partner has been based on the Continent. Consequently this allows us to produce bespoke contract lighting without the quantity and lead-time restrictions associated with the Far East. R&S Robertson’s consultants and in-house product development team work closely with specialists. This ensures fittings are produced to the highest standards, maintaining both excellent aesthetic design and practical functionality.

Furthermore, fittings are Quality Controlled in R&S Robertson’s ISO9001 accredited manufacturing facility, and again once they arrive in Edinburgh before distribution to projects on a 24 hour call-off.


As a tight-knit team, R&S Robertson are proud of our values and ethos. Relationships are at the core of what we do and we pride ourselves on our honest and reliable work. We engage with all project stakeholders and ensure we are always available to assist at every stage. This spans specification and design to after care. In addition, we strive to improve our service and product offering, and in doing so define our position as leaders.

Project Partners

Should you require assistance with your contract lighting project, the team at R&S Robertson is on hand to help. At the point of initial enquiry you will deal with one of our experienced team, who liaise with production experts on your behalf. As a result proposals and pricing will be pulled together before working through a design, drawings and the prototyping process.

Finally, the team at R&S Robertson will liaise with any external partners such as contractors and wholesalers. This will ensure a coherent delivery schedule is established.