Paris Desk Lamp

Brass & Golds, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Bespoke |

The “Paris” desk lamp blends two timeless design paradigms: the graceful minimalism of modern aesthetics and the opulent allure of the Art Deco era.

Inspired by the iconic arches that adorn Parisian landmarks, the tastefully etched metal ring operates the adjustment of the fitting, with the stem pivoting left to right to allow directional task lighting.

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Paris Desk Lamp

The Paris desk lamp is part of a new design collection "85 by R&S" which is aptly named to celebrate 85 years of crafting exquisite decorative lighting. The range is inspired by the city of Paris, France, which birthed the Art Deco era.

The desk lamp has an arching shape inspired by the base of the Eiffel Tower, and an etched metal medallion ring which operates the adjustment of the head of the fitting. The stem pivots allowing for more directional illumination.

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