10 May 2021

Changing your lampshade is the perfect way to update an interior design space on a budget. R&S Robertson are pleased to offer a bespoke service allowing limitless possibilities. The below top tips have been compiled to help you design and specify the perfect partner for your contract lighting. Make sure you check out our specification guide for more information.

What shape of Lampshade should I choose?

Lampshades can be round, square, straight sided, tapered, oval, rectangular or semi-circular. When picking the shape of a lampshade it is important to consider the base you are pairing it with. These could geometrically complement for example a cylindrical table lamp with a drum or empire shade. Or matching square shades with fittings that have square bases. Alternatively, you can mix and match shapes – the choice is yours.

What size of Lampshade should I choose?

The size of the lampshade is equally important when considering the design. Each style of lamp will benefit from different designs, however for standard contract table lamps we would recommend the lampshade bases be 300-350mm wide and the height around half that of the lamp base. Alternatively, floor lamps would benefit from a shade width of around 400-450mm

What colour of Lampshade should I choose?

Lampshades can be made in virtually any colour and from a range of fabrics. These include but are not limited to chintz, silks, velvets, linens, leathers, papers and cords. When choosing a fabric it is important to consider the existing textures and colour palette in the space whether the goal be to complement or contrast finishes. Each material can be applied in various ways to produce shades which are plain, pleated, patterned, or to have rolled or self/contrasted edges, allowing secondary interior colours to be pulled into the design.

How can I make my Lampshade special?

A white shade lining is used as standard, however if you were looking for a more luxurious appeal for a statement piece you can select from gold, copper or silver linings. You can also add diffusers, crystal droplets or fringes to your lampshades to further elevate the design.

If you would like any assistance with specifying new lampshades please get in touch with our Sales Office who will be happy to help.