of our products are made in Europe

of our products are made to order

of our products can be disassembled for repair, repurposing and recycling

By acknowledging the influence of our operations and processes on society, the economy, and the environment, we are committed to taking action and doing our part to create a positive and sustainable impact.

We value transparency and are excited to share our journey with you.

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy here.

Our actions help towards achieving our commitments.

NET Zero

Our commitment extends beyond achieving carbon neutrality, as we actively work to minimise emissions throughout our entire value chain, striving for emissions as close to zero as feasible.

Sustainable Design

All of our products start with sustainability as a central requirement. This means our fittings prioritise materials such as recyclable metal, finishes with minimal VOCs, FSC wood and organic fibres.

Social Change

As a company we value integrity and recognise the impact we can make on society. We invest in our people through professional and personal development plans, and encourage charitable and volunteering initiatives.

Seeds for Trees

Seeds for Trees was established in 2008, stemming from the shared values of R&S Robertson’s parent companies, Steeple Group and Denman Corporation. United by a commitment to protecting the planet and addressing climate change, this initiative represents a proactive move toward a sustainable future.

Nestled in the landscapes of North and South Carolina, Seeds for Trees has created a vast sanctuary of over 410,000 trees covering 1,508 acres of forest. Each year forest absorbs approximately 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide, contributing to a healthier planet.

NET Zero


Sustainability is at the forefront of our business choices and inspires all of those that work here at R&S Robertson. This passion is reflected in our work environment, and at our head office in the United Kingdom.

LED Light Sources

We have adopted LED lighting throughout the building to reduce our carbon emissions.

Air Source Heat Pumps

We have air source heat pumps installed which take the warmth from the air outside to heat our building.

Solar Panels

We are investing in renewable energy projects, such as PV solar panels, to help reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

Sustainable Design


Sustainable design varies in definition, but to us, it’s a comprehensive approach. We emphasise responsible design and engineering choices from initial sketches through a product’s entire lifespan. Our products are designed to be manufactured in Europe which extends through the supply chain all the way to the components sourced. We have no minimum order quantities and only produce the required amount of fittings to reduce any surplus waste.

Manufacturing Partner


Our primary manufacturing partner is based in Europe and have adopted a variety of initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. This in turn affords R&S Robertson the assurance that the products we supply to projects have been produced in an environment that considers the impact of their operations.

Solar Panels

The factory have invested in renewable energy sources to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Recycled Plating Liquids

The liquids used in the finishing plating baths are collected regularly for recycling.

Consolidated Deliveries

The logistics team consolidate our deliveries to minimise the carbon emissions relating to transport.

Social Change


At R&S Robertson we believe in the value of nurturing our dedicated team members. We are committed to supporting their growth and well-being through professional development plans and understand that when our people thrive, so does our organisation.

Our exceptional team members are the living embodiment of our company’s fundamental values. These values, namely integrity, effective communication, respect, unwavering commitment to hard work, and an ever-positive attitude, are not just words on paper but the very essence of how we operate.

Integrity forms the bedrock of our operations, inspiring our team to uphold the highest ethical standards in all that they do. Effective communication ensures that our employees collaborate seamlessly, share knowledge, and foster innovation. Respect fuels an environment of trust and inclusivity, where every voice is heard and valued.

Our team’s relentless dedication to hard work is the driving force behind our achievements. Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to maintaining a positive attitude not only elevates workplace morale but also radiates to our clients and partners.

We offer a paid volunteering day per employee every year so our team can make a difference in the local communities and support charities close to their hearts.

The Denman Charitable Trust stands as a testament to the Denman family, owners of our parent company Steeple Group Ltd.

The trust has totalled in excess of £2 Million in donations over the last 35 years.

The trust operates in a unique and impactful manner by matching the funds raised through our employees’ passionate fundraising efforts. By doing so, it effectively multiplies the resources available for charitable initiatives, further strengthening the charitable footprint of our team.

For more information on charitable initiatives visit the Denman Charitable Trust website.